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Karnimata Dangerous Beans

Variety: Black Eyed Siamese Dumbo

DOB: May 2010                      Breeder: Me

She lost her tail as a baby due to her mother's inexperience and over-zealous cleaning - she accidentally bit it clean off! Despite the fact that a rat's tail is used to help it keep its balance on perches, aids in climbing and regulates body temperature, Beans does not seem to miss her tail and has always been fearless about climbing and taking risks when free ranging.  She is named after a character in Terry Pratchett's The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents and because when she was tiny, and had developed her Siamese fur, she looked like a little butter bean.

Karnimata Doris

Variety: Black Dumbo

DOB: June 2010                                    Breeder: Me

Daughter of Mena and Colin and Ivy's sister, she's a sweet girl who's a bit scatty and needs to feel secure before she's prepared to trust you but she has a heart of gold and gets on famously with all her cagemates. She's named after a work colleague of my husband, although I hasten to add that the similarity between human and rat is not that they're scatty or untrusting but that they both have glossy black hair!

Tendring (July 2011): Self Dumbo Adult - 1st, Novice - 4th



Karnimata Ethel

Variety: Black Eyed Siamese Dumbo

DOB: June 2010                           Breeder: Me

Daughter of Milli and Norman. A slightly-built, shy young lady who is much more comfortable being in the background rather than putting herself forward for attention, Ethel has the annoying tendency of deciding to go through a patchy moult just before any show so that she never seems to do herself justice on these occasions. Personally,  I think the NFRS show calendar should be organised around Ethel from now on LOL!

Tendring (July 2011): Shaded Dumbo Adult - 3rd


Karnimata Gladys

Variety: Black Eyed Siamese

DOB: 12th June 2010                      Breeder: Me

Daughter of Milli and Norman. A very friendly and 'licky' girl, both traits she's inherited from her father, she is a caring and attentive mother to all of her nine offspring. Always wanting to be out of her cage and always highly aware of what's going on in her environment - an open air photoshoot was a brilliant opportunity for her to work out who amongst our neighbours was having a BBQ at the time LOL - Gladys is never backward in coming forward. Very confident and friendly and a brilliant PR rat.


Karnimata Iris

Variety: Black Eyed Siamese Dumbo

DOB: June 2010                           Breeder: Me

Daughter of Mena and Colin. Almost identical in character to her cousin, Ethel, Iris is a bit of a shy wallflower when it comes to free range time. She's much more of a homebody, loves the warmth of her nest and leaves the exploring and grand adventures to the rest of her cagemates.

Tendring (July 2011): Shaded Dumbo Adult - 2nd


Karnimata Hilda

Variety: Black Eyed Siamese Dumbo

DOB: June 2010                           Breeder: Me

Daughter of Milli and Norman. I had originally intended to breed from her as she has a lovely nature and good features that I would have liked to have kept in my line. Unfortunately, she has developed a benign mammary lump, which means that she is now unsuitable to breed from. Such a pity. Hilda seems to have taken on the nurturing, 'mothering' role in her cage as she's always the one looking after everyone else; carrying food up to the highest hammock for communal consumption and constantly grooming her sisters and cousins - sometime a bit too enthusiastically!


Karnimata Ivy

Variety: Black Dumbo

DOB: June 2010                           Breeder: Me

Daughter of Mena and Colin. Even scattier than sister Doris, she constantly 'pings' around her cage and has developed a habit of clinging upside down to the roof bars of her cage and working her way around to all four corners - so far without incident - but it's really only a matter of time before she uses the hammock in there as a crash mat/safety net! Another very 'licky' individual who loves to be held. 




Tenebrae Kate

Variety: Ivory

DOB: 22nd May 2011       Breeder: Doug Connor

Sister of Tenebrae Will and Tenebrae Harry, she's an amazingly laid back and calm little lady who fitted straight in with her cagemates Mena, Ophelia and November. A very cute grey spot on the top of her head means that even though I won't be able show her in varieties, she will nevertheless provide the first ever (and much longed and planned for) Karnimata ivory litter - hopefully before the end of 2011.

Karnimata Mena

Variety: Black Eyed Siamese Dumbo

DOB: May 2009                           Breeder: Me

Daughter of Milli and Norman. A brilliant PR rat in her prime, she is an old lady now and has outlived all her sisters. To stop her getting lonely I have put Shakespeare's Ophelia and Halcyon November in with her and she is amazingly tolerant of Ophelia, not seeming to mind that she's sometimes used as a trampoline or pillow. It is unfortunate that this photo makes her look like she's 'doing a Beans' but she does actually have a tail!

Halcyon November

Variety: Black Eyed Siamese

DOB: March 2011                      Breeder: Lisa Grove

A very confident young lady, she has fitted in well with her new cagemates, Mena and Ophelia, slotting comfortably into the middle of the hierarchy they have created. She joined the Karnimata rattery to give her a chance to breed and pass on her genes, which are well worth keeping! She is a lovely little girl and hopefully will produce some stunning kittens with a very lucky boy - whoever that turns out to be!

Shakespeare's Ophelia

Variety: Black Eyed Siamese

DOB: 15th May 2011       Breeder: Juliet Metcalfe

Sister of Shakespeare's Laertes, she's an amazingly laid back and calm little lady who gets on well with her cagemate, Mena. In the picture she's going through her last kitten moult, which explains the strange 'cap' on her head that disappeared once the moult had finished.

 Tendring (July 2011): Siamese Kitten - 1st, Shaded Challenge Kitten - 1st, Shaded Challenge A/A - 3rd


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